Love Baby Grand was started in 2009 out of a desire to make covetable handmade lingerie and loungewear with an understated glamour that is modern and playful, with a retro cool edge. The ethos of our brand is that we strive to produce beautifully constructed, chic collections that are affordable but do not compromise on style or design.

The entire collection is handmade in-house, to ensure that the greatest care is taken in the production of every item we bring you. While comfort is a key part of our design philosophy, it is also important to us that our collection has the coquettish sexiness that makes our lingerie and loungewear the kind of treat that's just as much of a pleasure to buy for yourself, as it is to receive as a gift. To make every purchase feel extra special, all orders automatically come elegantly wrapped in our lovely signature packaging.

Alongside the main collection, limited edition pieces will occasionally be introduced to the online store, as inspired gift ideas for special occasions like Christmas and Valentines Day. If you would like to keep up to date with these and any of our other special promotions, sign up to our mailing list to have this information delivered directly to your inbox.

For day-to-day Love Baby Grand news, join us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also peek in on our current obsessions and inspirations via our blog and our Tumblr.